Book Series on Information Security and Privacy

Artech House is a leading scientific publisher because of its ability to produce well-written, timely books that reflect current advances in engineering and computer technology. In this tradition, Artech House proudly presents its book series on information security and privacy (former computer security).

Aims and Scope

  "Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler"   (Albert Einstein)

The aim of the series is to publish technical books on all aspects related to information security and privacy. The target audience includes researchers, instructors and graduate students in computer science or electrical engineering, technical managers, consultants, analysts, software developers, as well as computer and network practitioners who care about the security of the systems and networks they administer.

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Contact Information

Series Editor

Rolf Oppliger, Ph.D.

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Acquisitions Editor

North and South America, Australia and New Zealand

David Michelson

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Acquisitions Director

Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia

Aileen Storry

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