Security Technologies for the World Wide Web, Second Edition

A book published by Artech House Publishers in the Computer Security Series

(ISBN 978-1-58053-348-5)

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Rolf Oppliger, Ph.D.
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Aims and Scope

This book gives an overview about all major topics that are relevant for the WWW and its security properties. It can be used for lectures, courses, and tutorials. It can also be used for self-study or serve as a handy reference for Web professionals.

Target Audience

Tthe book is intended for anyone who is concerned about security on the Web, is in charge of security for a network, or manages an organization that uses the WWW as a platform to provide information.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. HTTP Security
3. Proxy Servers and Firewalls
4. Cryptographic Techniques
5. Internet Security Protocols
6. SSL and TLS Protocols
7. Certificate Management and Public Key Infrastructures
8. Authentication and Authorization Infrastructures
9. Electronic Payment Systems
10. Client-side Security
11. Server-side Security
12. Privacy Protection and Anonymity Services
13. Intellectual Property Protection
14. Censorship on the WWW
15. Risk Management
16. Conclusions and Outlook

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Additional Material

Tutorial/seminar slides (265 slides) are available on request for educational purposes.

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